Midland Air Festival –  Terms & Conditions

The Midlands Air Festival is organised by  Slipstream Management Ltd. We can be contacted by email at info@midlandsairfestival.com. Please do not contact Ragley Hall offices for information or customer services issues as they are not connected with organising this event and almost certainly not be able to answer your queries.  

Camping.  We regret there is no public camping, caravanning or Motor homes over night anywhere on the Ragley Hall estate this year. We will review this for subsequent years. There are a number of sites within easy reach of Ragley Hall, check https://www.pitchup.com/campsites/England/Central/Warwickshire/Alcester/   for availability.

Drones & UAV’s.  For flight safety reasons, no drones or UAV’s of any size or type are permitted to be operated anywhere within a 2.5 radius of Ragley Hall due to the provision of Temporary Restricted Airspace being operational for the duration of the event.

Pets.  As dog lovers, we do not consider this event to be suitable for dogs and or other pets. There will from time to time be loud noises, aircraft engines both jet and heavy piston and high frequency Hot Air Balloon burners. All of these can be distressing to animals at close quarters. Therefore we will not allow dogs or pets anywhere on the site.

Trade.  It is your responsibility to ensure that items purchased  from on site traders are fit for the purpose you are purchasing them for. We will not enter into any negotiations or disputes between members of the public and traders over goods traded or sold.   Only officially approved & registered Traders and will be allowed to operate on site. Informal ‘car boot’ type trading in the car parks is expressly forbidden. Also, so called ‘guerrilla’ marketing on site is also expressly forbidden.

Weather. This event is an all weather event and we will do our utmost to continue such aspects of it as are safe to do so in the event of bad weather or weather that affects specific elements of the flying programme. We will not be held responsible for changes, substitutions or cancellations  in the daily programme due to weather or other extraneous events or condition that may cause disruption to the event, including acts of terrorism, public order, traffic disruption, acts of god, emergency incident management, etc..   The site is mainly ‘sheep grass’ and generally is well drained and short but we recommend suitable clothing and footwear be worn to accommodate this type of terrain. This can be best described as ‘Country Walking’ clothes and shoes.   

Refunds.  Partial or full refunds for any cause or reason are completely at the discretion of the organisers.

Safety. This event is being run to Civil Aviation Authority cap 403 and British Balloon & airship Club guidelines. In the event of an incident of any type, members of the public must listen to and comply with any instruction given to them broadcast over the event Public Address system, by Stewards, Ragley hall Staff or any member of the onsite or civil emergency services present.

Stepladders. Stepladders will not be permitted to be used as viewing platforms.

Blue Badge.  We welcome Blue Badge holders and have made provision for preferential parking as described on our Blue Badge page. Both car parks will be provided with wheelchair accessible toilets and additional wheelchair accessible facilities will be provided in the main toilet blocks.  

Campfires. The lighting of open campfires on site is forbidden.

Acceptance. In purchasing tickets, it will be deemed that all of the above conditions will be accepted and agreed. The organisers decision on all matters and  will be final and binding. Purchasing of a ticket and acceptance of the above conditions constitutes a contract between the organisers and the purchaser.